Ernest Webb

I am deeply indebted to Ernest Webb for his insights into the complexity of hydro-electric development and its impact on the Cree population – (Webb is a film maker, co-founder of rezolution pictures (they are getting a new website and turned off the old one – so we wait to add the link) – he is Cree, grew up in Fort George, the village re-loctated to Chisasibi.)

Here he is speaking at “Learning from… Chisasibi,” 25 October 2012 at the Canadian Centre for Architecture in Montréal – A conversation between artist Thomas Kneubühler and filmmaker Ernest Webb, who explore housing and human migration in a small town on the eastern shore of James Bay. The conversation was be moderated by Alessandra Ponte.

Watch Ernest Webb’s  “Down the Mighty River” – watch the whole thing.

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